Saskatchewan Resources

National Resources

Indian Residential School Survivors Society
Toll- Free: 1-800-721-0066
24-hour Crisis line: 1-866-925-4419
Indian Residential Schools Mental Health Support Program (Government of Canada)
Provides mental and emotional health support services to eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families throughout all phases of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement.
Toll-Free 1-877-477-0775.

Hope for Wellness Help Line

Hope for Wellness Help Line offers immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention to all Indigenous peoples across Canada.
Phone and chat counselling is available in English, French, and Cree, Ojibway and Inuktitut on request.
Call the toll-free Help Line at 1-855-242-3310, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or use the chat box on their website.

Kid’s Help Phone

Text 686868
Kid’s can connect with a Live Chat service, that lets them connect online with a professional counsellor in real time. Live Chat is open daily from 5pm to 10pm. They’ll be accepting new chats until 9:15 p.m.

LGBT Youth Line

Text 647-694-4275
Live Chat

Saskatchewan Resources

Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S)
24-hour crisis line 1-877-767-7572
The program has been able to secure a broader range of mental health professionals available to all Métis across the life span.​
Métis communities now have access to:​
MHA case manager to help clients access MHA services such as:​

  • Psychology​
  • Psychotherapy (individual, group, marital counselling)​
  • Addictions counselling​
  • Behavioural therapy​
  • Parenting coaching​
  • Educational advocacy​
  • Occupational therapy​
  • Speech therapy​
  • 24 hr Mental Health and Addictions Crisis line

Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program (IRS-RHSP)

Saskatchewan - 1-866-250-1529
If you call this line you will connect with someone who will can provide you with the current list of approved mental health therapists in your area. Individuals who are connected with Indian Residential Schools (IRS), Day School and MMIWG can use this line. This number is also provided through the main IRS crisis line and through Hope for Wellness.

Talking Stick App

You can find the Talking Stick App via your mobile device or online at:

"Who can use Talking Stick?
What makes talking stick so special is that it was created right here in Saskatchewan! The app is always about connecting Indigenous people with others who understand their language, culture, and ways. It's like having conversations with someone who gets you and where you're coming from. The best part is that it's always anonymous, so anyone can use it without worrying about their identity being revealed. It's open to anyone who wants to use it, no matter who they are. So, if you need someone to talk to or to listen to you this app is here for you!" (Except from website -

Counselling Connect Saskatchewan

Free Rapid Counselling, to book a session please go to

This service is currently available for the following areas: Regina, Saskatoon, Weyburn, Estevan, Oxbow and Carlyle. The services are focused on Child & Youth Mental Health.

211 Saskatchewan

Free confidential service to connect you to services within your community.

  • Dial 211
  • Press #3 to Continue
  • Press #1 – If calling for your yourself OR Press #3 – If calling for a friend or loved one
  • Declare age using key pad

A Service Navigator will answer your call, you can state that you are seeking mental health/counselling support services and will be provided with information on mental health services within your community. They will also provide you with up-to-date contact information to connect you to your local Saskatchewan Health Authority- Mental health & Addictions Services.

Services By Region

Norther Region 1 – La Ronge/Southend/Wollaston/Stony Rapids & Areas
Northern Region 1
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Jim Searson 306-491-9763

Kikinahk Friendship Centre
Phone: 306-425-2051
Email: [email protected]

Region 2 – La Loche/Buffalo Narrows & Areas

Northern Region 2
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Liz Paradzik 306-370-3729

Buffalo Narrows Health Centre
Mental Health & Addictions: Intake Line: 306–235-7887

La Loche Health Centre
Phone: 306-822-8800

La Loche Family Healing unit
(306) 822-8857

Northern Region 3- Ile-á-la-Crosse/Beaval/Pinehouse Lake & Areas
Northern Region 3
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Sarah McCallum 306-381-9631

Ile-a-la-Crosse St. Joseph Hospital and Health Centre
Phone: 306-833-3500
Toll Free: 1-866-848-8299

Ile-a-la-Crosse Friendship Centre – mental health support attached
Phone: (306) 833-2313
Beauval Mental Health
Phone: 306-288-4808
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
Info: If someone is in the community about to provide Mental Health Support they can be reached through that line, the individual needs to leave a message.

Pinehouse Health Center
Main Phone Line: 306-884-5670
Caroline Ratt-Misponas
Mental Health Social Worker

Canoe Narrows/Lake Health Centre and Nursing Station

Mental health and community support services
Phone: (306) 829-2140

English River Health Services
Patunak, SK
Phone: (306) 396-2072

Buffalo River Health Centre
Dillon, SK
Phone: (306) 282-2082

Eastern Region 1 – Pelican Narrows/Cumberland House & Areas
Eastern Region 1
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Raquel Lambert 306-381-9852

Eastern Region 2 – Nipawin/Melfort/Wynyard & Areas
Eastern Region 2
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Patrick McKenzie 306-370-5064

Eastern Region 2A – Yortkon/Melville & Areas
Eastern Region 2A
Systems Support Navigator Métis Nation SK
Amy Sherman 306-370-5325

Society for the Involvement of Good Neighbors (SIGN)
Phone: 306-783-9409
Info: You can call sign to book a counselling appointment through their Rapid Access Counselling program.

Eastern Region 3 – Lestock/Weyburn/Estevan & Areas
Eastern Region 3
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Michelle Gendron 306-281-2570

Mental Health and Addictions Services
Press 4 - Mental Health & Addictions

White Raven Healing Centre
Main Phone Line: 1-866-748-8922
Outpatient treatment center and for people looking for mental health supports, cultural services and youth services.

Envisions Counselling & Support Centre
(Main Office) Estevan 1-306-637-4004
Weyburn 1-306-842-8821
Oxbow 1-306-483-5555
Individuals can call to access counsellor and other support.

Western Region 1 – Meadow Lake & Area
Western Region 1
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Jolene Senger 306-361-2466

Western Region 1A – Lloydminster/North Battleford & Areas
Western Region 1A
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Morgan Fraser 306-371-3492

Battlefords Mental Health Center
(306) 446-6500

Battle River Treaty 6 Health Center
(306) 937-6700
Can contact for both adult and youth counselling services.

Lloydminster Mental Health Hub
More information on accessing counselling supports for Lloydminster area and to access Rapid Access Counselling through Counselling Connect Saskatchewan.

Lloydminster Native Friendship Centre
Phone: 306-825-6558
Provides support and referrals to individuals who require assistance and/or access to community resources and services. Also assists with forms and Liaison with different agencies.

Western Region 2 – Prince Albert/Batoche & Areas
Western Region 2
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Theresa Carriere 306-227-4897

Indian Residential Schools (IRS) Resolution Health Support
Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSW) offer emotional support to claimants before, during, and after hearings. They also provide interpreting services in Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, and Dene. Hearings are scheduled weekly in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, as well as at hospitals, penitentiaries, correctional facilities, and homes as requested.
Phone: 306-953-7283

Catholic Family Services of Prince Albert - Counseling
Phone: 306-922-3203
Email: [email protected]

Prince Albert Mobile Crisis
24-hour Crisis Line: (306) 764-1011
Mobile Crisis is open to all individuals and is a service without fees. What is considered a crisis will differ from person to person but generally is any event that is going to, or is expected to, lead to an unstable and dangerous situation. Mobile Crisis is called to intervene during some of the most vulnerable times of a life, providing support, and connecting people to ongoing services at the time they need it most.

Prince Albert Sexual Assault Centre
Main Phone Line: (306) 764-1039
Prince Albert Sexual Assault Centre is open to all individuals and is a service without fees. PASAC works with survivors and those affected by sexual and interpersonal violence. They offer counselling, advocacy, court support, hospital attendance and public educations. They serve Prince Albert, La Ronge, Meadow Lake and surrounding areas.

Western Region 2A – Saskatoon/Kindersley/Rosetown/Outlook & Areas
Saskatoon Mobile Crisis
24-hour crisis line: (306) 933-6200
Mobile Crisis Service is open to all individuals and is a service without fees. The caller defines his/her need sometimes with the assistance of the crisis worker. Crisis Workers then respond accordingly, based on assessment of risk.

Navera Counselling
Main Phone Line: (306) 244-7773
Navera services are open to a diverse group of people and is there to help youth, parents and family through relevant and meaningful programs and services.

Family Service Saskatoon
Main Phone Line: (306) 244-0127
Individuals can call the main line and connect to the Rapid Access Counselling services.

Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Centre
Main Phone Line: (306) 244-0174
Various supports and services, including some mental health supports, available to Indigenous families and individuals.

Community Mental Health Association (CMHA)- Rosetown Branch
Main Phone Line (306) 882-1232
Info: Individuals can connect with a Peer Support worker who is an advocate and a type of support geared to help individuals navigate their way to services to address their mental health needs.

West Central Crisis & Family Support Center (Kindersley & area)

Western Region 3 – Regina/Moose Jaw/Swift Current/Maple Creek & Areas
Western Region 3
Systems Support Navigator - Métis Nation SK
Barb Blenkinsop 306-370-5461

Regina Mobile Crisis
24-hour Crisis Line: (306) 757-0127
Individuals feeling overwhelmed, suicidal, or who need someone to listen to them, or need to find out how they can help someone they care about, can call the 24 hour crisis line.

Prairie Spirit Connections Inc.
Main Line: (306) 525-9682
Access to a registered psychologist free of charge.
Please call (306) 537-4430 to connect with Registered Psychologist Laurel Phillips on Tuesday & Thursdays, 9am to 5pm. This service is available to only those eligible under NIHB.

Newo-Yotina Friendship Centre
Main Line Phone Number: (306) 525-5042
Mental Health Support is available Monday- Friday from 9am-12 and 1pm-4pm by stopping in the center, located at 1635 11th Avenue, Regina SK.